Frozen fruits and vegetables

Our Chemical Imaging Technology (CIT), suitable for industrial purpose, provides new and until now unimagined possibilities for the classification and sorting of frozen fruits and vegetables. This technology enables us to determine the chemical composition of the product flow in real time.
Previously used mechanical and electrical procedures for the separation of interfering substances and foreign components of the product itself had their limits.

The following describes the application for Blueberry sorting.

For example: insects like the blueberry leaf beetle, which has a very similar density, shape and colour to the blueberries themselves, can be clearly detected and separated.

Figure 1. blueberry leaf beetle

Thus CIT provides following advantages:

  • Sorting despite similar colour
  • Sorting despite similar shape and form
  • Sorting despite similar density

Until now it was nearly impossible to separate foreign bodies such as stones, insects, leaves, and stalks, which adhere to the blueberry, by using the common sorting processes. Even thorough human labour could not fully remove such bodies.

Through CIT it is now possible to indentify stalks and leaves (see Figure 2 and 3), which differ chemically significantly from blueberries and eject them.

figure 2. picture of a colour camera                                 figure 3. Chemical image - CIT
Advantages of CIT for the sorting of Blueberrys:

Separation of the following is possible:

All foreign substances e.g.

  • metal
  • stones
  • glass/paper/cardboard
  • plastics
  • twigs(branches) / leaves
  • Insects such as beetles, larvae, maggots

Interfering substances of the product itself

  • underdeveloped berries
  • squashed (crushed) berries
  • stalks and leaves, adherent on the product
  • branches, stalks
  • leaves

Even the separation of foreign substances, soaked in blueberry juice is possible (cardboard, leaves), even if they are formed around the blueberry.
You can now use the named technology to achieve optimum foreign component detection and to increase the quality of your blueberries.


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