Our Chemical Imaging Technology (CIT), suitable for industrial use, provides new and until now unimagined possibilities for the classification and sorting of nuts. This is possible through recognition of the chemical composition of the product in real time.

Previously used mechanical and electrical procedures for the separation of interfering substances and unwanted parts of the product itself had their limits.

For example interfering substances of very similar density, shape or colour as nuts can clearly be detected and separated by CIT.

Example as follows: Visual camera, top row, Chemical false colour image, lower row
  From left to right, Almonds mixed with shells, Walnuts mixed shells

Thus there are following advantages over previous sorting procedures:

  • Sorting despite similar colour
  • Sorting despite similar shape and form
  • Sorting despite similar density
Sorting via different chemical components

Advantages of CIT for the sorting of nuts

Separation of the following is possible:

All foreign substances e.g.
  • metal
  • stones
  • glass
  • paper/cardboard
  • plastics
  • twigs(branches) / leaves
  • Insects like beetles, larvae, maggots

Interfering substances of the product itself:
  • branches, stalks, leaves
  • peel and peel remains
  • shells and shell remains
  • seed membrane