Our Chemical Imaging Technology (CIT), suitable for industrial use, provides new and until now unimagined possibilities for the classification and sorting of stoned fruits. This is possible through recognition of the chemical composition of the product in real time.

Especially Stone Fractions, which are difficult to recognise with optical cameras or laser technology, can be positively identified with CIT. (See following Images)

Also peelings, stalks and other impurities, which are chemically different to the product, can be detected.
Thus there are following advantages over previously used procedures:

  • Sorting despite similar colour
  • Sorting despite similar shape and form
  • Sorting despite similar density
Sorted by difference in chemical composition.

Advantages of CIT for the sorting of stoned fruits:

Separation is possible:

All foreign substances like:

  • Metal
  • Stone
  • Glass/Paper/Cardboard
  • plastics
  • Twigs/Leaves
  • Insects: e.g. Beetles, Larvae, Maggots

Unwanted parts of the fruit:

  • Twigs/Stalks
  • Stone pieces/fragments
  • Left over peelings