Alder and Insort


Nordic financial investor Alder, focused on investing in technology companies that drive sustainable solutions, joins us, Insort, the expert in high-tech imaging solutions for the food industry, as an investor. Alder's stated goal is to specifically promote the growth and strategic development of sustainable companies.

Since its establishment in 2011, Insort stands at the forefront of the food sorting and inspection industry, pioneering the adoption of Hyperspectral Imaging (HSI). This advanced technology provides a detailed chemical profile of products, offering a depth of information beyond that of traditional visual sensors. Over the past decade, Insort has developed several product solutions catered to various food types and has continuously gained market share from established players.

Through the financial partnership with Alder, it is now possible to integrate complementary technologies in order to offer an even broader range of services and to speed up the global expansion in the future.

The goal of this cooperation is to further advance technological, ecological, and economic sustainability in the food industry to increase food safety, minimize food waste and maximize the efficiency of the production process, thus helping to shape a better future for all.


Matthias Jeindl, Insort​ / Dag Broman, Alder

Matthias Jeindl, Founder and CEO of Insort:
"Since our founding in 2011, we at Insort have achieved great success in establishing ourselves as a leading player with new technology in the sorting and inspection market. Having expanded into several food segments and geographies, we are now ready to take an important next step in our growth journey by partnering with Alder for further expansion."

Dag Broman, Partner at Alder:
"We are very happy to announce this investment for Alder in Insort, which provides customers with a unique and highly capable technology that generates improved food safety, reduced food waste and efficient production processes. Insort is an exciting investment for Alder with strong organic growth potential, and it will be a strong platform for further acquisitions."


Alder is a Nordic investment fund with the goal of creating the best possible conditions for long-term development of environmentally sustainable technology and services companies. With a mix of industrial and financial expertise and with the interest in entrepreneurship as a driving force, Alder creates profitable growth in close companionship with its companies.

For more information, visit www.alder.se.